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Today, 21 March

Today all people in the world celebrate the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (UN). Why? Because this day (21, Mar) commemorates the Massacre of Sharpeville. The theme of this year 2012 is: “Racism and conflict”. It tries to make global population aware that racism is the main reason of conflicts, such as genocides or crimes against humanity. So, we should reflect on it and try to cooperate in our daily life with our actions and thoughts or through education, for example.


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One 21 March

One day like this…   

…in 1960, 69 protesters were killed by the police in Sharpeville (South Africa) and 180 were hurt, too. In 1948 the conservative South African party won the elections, imposing in this country a policy of racial segregation. During 1950’s black citizens protested against the apartheid. But it wasn’t until 1960 when the Sharpeville Massacre took place. I wanted to post this event to remember those (especially South Africans) who have died throughout history fighting for their rights.

…in 1994, the actress and model Lili Damita dead in Palm Beach (Florida, USA). She died of Alzheimer disease. This beautiful French woman was one of the first actresses to participate in talkies (sound films). She acted (for example) with Gary Cooper, Maurice Chevalier or Cary Grant.

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